Domus Isle: danger lvl. zero

Domus Isle is the starting point of the whole game. There are four jettys: Infern, Xeroph, Infant, and Palaish. There are three levels to the island. Level one has one small building. this is just a random building filled with NPCs. When youu go to the second level there are three buildings. One is a department store, one is a scout post, and one is a hotel. In the hotel there is a little side story of its own thats leads to the 4th most powerful monster in the game. if you want this monster, the person to pay attention to is Igor Volds. His lab is locked up in the sewer where you will find estark, 4th most powerful monster in the game. if u just want to follow the story walk in every time u accomplish something. the sewers are on the second floor too. you can go there to talk to npcs and buy some rather unusael wepons. and once u get to a certain part in the game a blue haired npc will give you a monster. you will have the choise between a mecha-o-wyrm and a heligator.( i would chose the heligator because they are hard to come by. once u get out of the sewers go up to the third floor to meet comissioner snap.he makes the first challenge. evantually he goes crazy and turns himself into a monster and tries to kill u but other wise he is quite nice.