• Allows the monster to attack twice if Give Orders is not selected.

Monsters with Double Trouble Trait
# Family Name Rank Skillset Trait 1 Trait 2 Resistances / Weaknesses HP MP Attack Defence Agility Wisdom Total
140 Demonfamily Jamirus Jamirus A Frizz & Woosh Double Trouble None Fizzleproof, Vulnerable to Inaction, Whackproof 780 650 650 880 780 560 4300
Demonfamily Demon-at-arms Demon-at-arms A Crack & Zam II Double Trouble None Vulnerable to Sag, Whackproof 860 470 800 780 540 560 4010
Roseguardin Roseguardin A Diminisher Double Trouble None Fizzleproof, Vulnerable to Paralysis, Whackproof
Demonfamily Belial Belial A Bang & Zam III Double Trouble Bangmeister Bangproof, Vulnerable to Fizzle, Whackproof
Killing-machine Killing Machine S Assassin Double Trouble None Dazzleproof, Vulnerable to Bang, Whackproof
Nimzo Nimzo S Nimzo Double Trouble None Healed by Zam, Vulnearble to Sap, Whackproof
Demonfamily Zoma2 Zoma X Ice II Double Trouble None Fizzleproof, Vulnerable to Zap, Whackproof
Estark Estark X Estark Double Trouble None Fizzleproof, Vulnerable to Sleep, Whackproof
Orgodemir3 Orgodemir X Muspell Double Trouble None Paralysisproof, Vulnerable to Confusion, Whackproof
Dr-Snapped Dr Snapped X Dr Snapped Double Trouble Psycho Healed by Zam, Vulnerable to Zap, Whackproof

Monsters Traits

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