Rank FEdit

Capsichum Edit

(Found on Palaish Isle) (Saboteur / None) - Capsichum & Capsichum

Wild boarfish Edit

(Huntsman / Artful Dodger) - Capsichum & Ghost

Scorpion Edit

(Found on Xeroph Isle) (Hive Mind / Critcial Massacre, Paralyser) - Crabid & Chimaera

Crabid [Crabby] Edit

(Found on Xeroph Isle) (Defender / None) - Scorpion & Lips

Chimera [Wyvern] Edit

(Found on Xeroph Isle) (Cleanser / Artful Dodger) - Wild boarfish & Winky

Rank EEdit

Spiked hare [Almiraj] Edit

(Found on Palaish Isle) (Naturalist / Psycho) - Chimaera & Nardragon

Khalamari kid Edit

(Found on Palaish Isle) (Aquapothecary / None) - See urchin & Spiked hare

Jailcat Edit

(Found on Palaish Isle) (Woosh & Crack) - Spiked hare & Snail slime

Rank DEdit

Great sabrecub [Baby Panther] Edit

(Found on Celeste Isle) (Naturalist / Psycho) - Jailcat & Imp

Hell hornet Edit

(Found on Fert Isle) (Diminisher / Artful Dodger, Paralyser) - Great sabrecub & Frogface

Eveel Edit

(Hypnotist / Artful Dodger, Poisoner) - Wild boarfish & Flyguy

Bullfinch Edit

(Toughie / Counterstriker) - Eveel & Weartiger

Rank C Edit

Hades condor Edit

(Found on Infant Isle) (Cure-all / Artful Dodger) - Gryphon & Bullfinch

Great sabrecat [Killer Panther] Edit

(Found on Celeste Isle) (Speedster / Psycho, Early Bird) - (Great sabrecub & Great sabrecub) & (Great sabrecub & Great sabrecub)

Treeface Edit

(Found on Fert Isle) (Green Finger / Steady Recovery) - Hades condor & Stump chumo

Scissor beatle [Stag Beetle] Edit

(Found on Fert Isle) (Hive Mind / Psycho) - Yabby & Scorpion - Yabby & Eveel

Rank BEdit

Beetleboy Edit

(Found on Fert Isle) (Hive Mind / Psycho) - Scissor beatle & Notso macho

Giant moth Edit

(Found on Fert Isle) (Toxifier / Artful Dodger, Poisoner) - Beetleboy & Octavian sentry

Gorerilla Edit

(Found on Fert Isle) (Huntsman / Critical Massacre) - Hades condor & Stark raven

Rank AEdit

Heligator Edit

(Naturalist / Artful Dodger) - King squid & Gracos *

Yabby Edit

(Mage Aid / Paralyser) - Jamirus & Wailin' weed - Hell hornet & Wailin' weed

Riptide Edit

(Firewind Slashes / Early Bird) - Jumping jackal & Heligator *

Garuda Edit

(Frizz & Zap / Artful Dodger) - Hades condor & Jamirus *

Rank SEdit

Beetlebully [Battle Beetle] Edit

(Bounty Hunter / Psycho) - Beetleboy & Metal king slime *

King squid Edit

(Cleanser / Steady Recovery) - Khalamari kid & Night clubber * - Yabby & Gracos *

Khalamari Edit

(Breath II / Paralyser) - (Khalamari kid & Khalamari kid) & (King squid & King squid) *

Rank XEdit

Leopold Edit

(Leopold / Artful Dodger, Zammeister) Unable to scout or breed in game. Only obtainable by acquiring every skill in the game.

Empyrea Edit

(Crusader / Artful Dodger, Zapmeister) to get empyrea you must have mut every other monster in the game.

snapdragon &dragonthorn

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