The third island in GreenBay Isles. Home of the big palace and the Metal Menagerie

Scoutable Monsters Edit

Daytime Edit

  • Capsichum
  • Dragonthorn
  • Khalimari Kid
  • Spiked Hare
  • Slime (During the Metal Meangerie tests)
  • King Kelp
  • Goodybag
  • See Urchin
  • Shell Slime

Nighttime Edit

  • See Urchin
  • Shell Slime
  • Chainine
  • Seasaur
  • Angel Slime
  • Spiked Hare (Asleep)

Inside the Shrine Edit

Darkonium Locations Edit

  1. Before the Boss
  2. In a cave found by backtracking

Greenbay Isles