• Allows the monster to "Psyche Up" up to 4 times, increasing attack damage.

Monsters with (common element)
# Family Name Rank Skillset Trait 1 Trait 2 Resistances / Weaknesses HP MP Attack Defence Agility Wisdom Total
11 Beastfamily Mischievous mole F Guerrilla Psycho None Dazzleproof 990 480 990 990 570 410 4430
27 Beastfamily Hammerhood F Huntsman Psycho None Dazzleproof 990 750 990 720 370 500 4320
32 Dragonfamily Nardragon E Martyr Psycho None None
33 Naturefamily Spiked hare D Naturalist Psycho None Drain Magicproof 890 410 980 850 990 620 4740
35 Wild slime D Champion Psycho None Sagproof
55 Great sabrecub D Naturalist Psycho None Decelerateproof
70 Gold golem D Iceplosion Slashes Psycho None Vulnerable to Sleep, Whackproof
77 Brownie D Bounty Hunter Psycho None Drain Magicproof
82 Behemoth slime D Woosh & Zap Psycho Desperado Whackproof

Monsters Traits

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