Sorry if I don't have a description,but I have a chart on synthesize and type and name (of course)and also you cant see all the text so you swipe at the sections

                  Slime family:gem slime (grandpa slime+grandpa slime so a +1 grandpa slime+gold golem +1.      
                                Trode (there is no possible way to synth a trode and I don't know much about trodes but I know they are the second most powerful slime in the game a gem slime is the most powerful.
                  Dragon family:dragon lord (alabast dragon+cap'n crow)+(alabast dragon+gem slime).                                                                 
                                 Dragovian lord rhapthorne 2+dragon lord
                   Beast family:Rhapthorne nimzo+dhoulmagus
                                 Rhapthorne 2 rhapthorne+zoma
                   Demon family:zoma Mal+dullahan or wight king
                                Mortamor estark+nimzo
                    Material family:Ruin mumboh jumboe+gold golem or living statue
                                     Psaro ruin+rose guardin
                                      Estark psaro+beetle bully
                    Undead family:Dr.Snapped (cap'n crow+darkonium slime)+(orgdemir+Rhapthorne 2
                                   Orgdemir mortamor+alabast dragon or dragon lord
                     Nature family: Leopold no possible synth empryea no possible synth (for example cap'n crow+darkonium slime+orgdemir+rhapthorne 2 it does not matter what you get as a result of capn crow+darkonium slime)