Weapon Stats
Item Name Attack Bonus Description
Copper sword +10 A widely used sword made out of copper
Divine Dagger +13 A silver knife lethal to the undead
Rapier +18 A thin blade able to pierce dragon scales
Steel broadsword +30 A sturdy sword forged from steel
Zombiesbane +36 A holy sword lethal to the undead
Dragonsbane +41 A large sword lethal to dragons
Obsidian Sword +48 A black sword lethal to metal monsters
Silver Broadsword +62 A wide-bladed sword with an eerie glow
Zombiesblight +67 A divine sword lethal to the undead
Dragonsblight +72 A trusty sword lethal to dragons
Giant's Sword +90 A giant sword made for giant hands
Zombie Slayer +81 A wicked sword lethal to the undead
Dragon Slayer +86 A legendary sword lethal to dragons
Lost katana +110 A mighty blade misplaced by an ancient warrior
Metal King Sword +102 A mighty sword lethal to metal monsters

Thanks to Scorchy99 for info.

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